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 Air Conditioners

If the rooms in your home or office are always too hot or cold, an air conditioning unit will solve your problem. Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. You may require a ceiling mounted cassette unit to cool a restaurant, a VRV/VRF for larger environments, or you could be looking for a ducted unit for a new build. Whatever your needs are, we’ll help you pick the right product and complete all the installation, repair and maintenance work.

 Split AC Systems

A split AC system will allow you to connect your indoor and outdoor units to deliver fresh air to your interior spaces. Split AC systems require no ductwork, are relatively easy to install and are available at a great price. 

 Heat Recovery Air Conditioning

Heat recovery systems work by drawing heat from extracted air and adding it to the air which is being filtered in from the outside. By making use of what already exists, your impact on the environment is reduced but you can still benefit from fresh air. Heat recovery air conditioning is extremely energy efficient, saving around 80% of the energy that would normally be discharged.


 VRF/VRV Systems

If you want to save time and energy then why not install a VRF/VRV system. These air conditioning unit can maintain temperatures but also shut off when there are no occupants in a room. These systems reduce your emissions, cut your energy bills and are much more sustainable in the long run


We can also install, service and maintain commercial air humidifiers.







A poorly ventilated system will have a negative impact on the safety, comfort and health of you and your employees so it is important that your building has adequate ventilation. From offices to industrial sites we can install systems for all types of environments. We can also provide regular servicing for your ducting, air filters and fans, and keep everything working effectively.


  • Ducting & Ductworks
  • Dust Extraction
  • Air Filter Cleaning
  • Fan Replacements
  • Regular Checks & Cleanings




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